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Pakistan GI and Liver Diseases Society Inauguration

KARACHI: A group of gastroenterologists from Karachi has joined hands on Thursday to from a Pakistan Network of Liver and Gasteroenterology (PNLG), a body vowing to enhance public awareness regarding gastrointestinal diseases and issues.
KARACHI:Pakistan Network of Liver and Gasteroenterology (PNLG) has been launched to hold public awareness sessions throughout Pakistan, and also to train the general practitioners and young doctors for treatment of gastrointestinal and liver diseases effectively in future. This was announced by eminent gastroenterologists from different public and private hospitals in Karachi during launching ceremony of PNLG in a media briefing held at Karachi Press Club. The PNLG body was a body comprising top gastroenterologists from different public and private hospitals in Karachi. Coordinator of the PNLG, Prof Dr Shahid Ahmed also unveiled the PNLG website in news conference, saying through the website common people and young doctors could freely approach senior gastroenterologists in Karachi and learn about various health conditions and seek guidance in their training and management. Renowned Gastroenterologists from various leading hospitals including Dr Zahid Azam, Dr Hafeezullah Shaikh, Dr Sajjad Jamil, Dr Lubna Kamani, Dr Shahid Mahmood, Dr Nazish Butt, Dr Mukesh Kumar and several other were also present. Prof Shahid feared increase of gastrointestinal diseases in coming Ramazan as the holy month is falling in hot weather and advised the people to avoid over-eating, prefer homemade food and avoid roadside drinks, Pakoras and Samosas which are the major cause of diarrhea and gastroenteritis. Relating the creation of PNLG with World Digestive Disease Day, which would be observed on May 29 all over the world, they said stomach and intestinal diseases were on the rise in Pakistan, especially among women but they were reluctant in approaching male gastroenterologists due to their reluctance and natural shyness in this society. He said aims and objectives of this network is the enhance understanding of common people regarding stomach and intestinal diseases, their symptoms, improve available treatment options and precautions that can prevent them from various preventable diseases. –Agencies

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